Growing in the Nursery

Every June the deer herd decides to use the grassy opening in our woods as a nursery. This doe gave birth to her fawn while two other does and one other fawn were present. The doe trio has been together every year since we've lived here. Every year, two or three more fawns are born.

During the day, the fawns nestle down in the wooded, grassy space, just behind our screened porch. Do the mothers think that with our presence, it is unlikely that the the fawns will be disturbed while they are away foraging for food? These three female deer are not particularly afraid of us. They don't usually run away when we're outside until we make them leave. Knowing the fawns are being hidden nearby, we just give them their space this time of year.

As the fawns grow stronger, they even venture closer to our house during the day. The Japanese iris blooms are sometimes eaten. A few monarda blooms are missing, but the majority of the clumps have been left alone. Other than that, not many flowers are sampled in the deer resistant garden when the fawns are learning about foraging for food.

Story and photos by Freda Cameron


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