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Le Tour de France started today with the time trials in Monaco. Lance Armstrong has returned to Le Tour de France this year. Can Lance win his eighth Tour de France? His return really turns up the excitement for the race! Not only is Lance an inspiration for his biking, but for battling cancer to inspire and support others through the Lance Armstrong Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM.

Stage 2 of the bike race route will run along the south coast of France near many of the sights and villages that bring back fond memories from our trip in 2008. The beautiful outdoors inspired us to put a little challenge in our vacation by hiking several marked trails, known as Sentier Littoral, along the rugged coastline.

Stage 20 of Le Tour de France will take the rider's through Provence and up Mount Ventoux. Provence is another beautiful region with fields of lavender. Provence is filled with quaint villages, such as Séguret, which lies west of Mount Ventoux. During our visit in 2002, we heard about a local road rally and watched a group of vintage and antique car collectors drive their old vehicles up Mount Ventoux. Some of the oldest cars didn't make it up the mountain! Let's hope all of the bike riders make to the top this year.

The final stage of Le Tour de France ends on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Ah, Paris! My last trip to France ended there, too. It seems like only yesterday!

Le Tour de France and LIVESTRONG are trademarks of their respective companies. Photos and words by Freda Cameron. July 2009


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