It Takes A Lot of Makeup to Look Natural

As another birthday approaches, I've decided to refer to myself as a mid-century modern... like the 1950's furniture and architecture that is now considered hip again. I'm not exactly in denial of this aging thing, I just want to look hydrated instead of dried up!

When I look at photos of celebrities (the ones without the bright red lipstick and smokey vampire eyes), I think the ladies that look natural, look best. Of course, professional makeup artists create those looks and it is more difficult to look natural!

I've discovered that to look natural (without makeup) requires a lot of makeup! Now, that's an oxymoron.

I've done my best to work with what nature has left me - without the benefit of a professional makeup artist and a lot of expense. I won't ever look like a celebrity, but I'm okay with that. (Sorry, no photo of my face!)

Wearing makeup for a natural look is analogous to using plants to create a natural-looking garden.

Achieving a natural look in the garden can also require a lot of "makeup" in the form of plants, and perhaps rocks or water features.

For example, I love the natural meadow look created by landscape designer Piet Oudolf. However, when I researched the Lurie Garden plant list, studied photos and descriptions, I realized that it takes a lot of money to buy a lot of plants.

I won't ever have an Oudolf garden (that's my deer resistant garden photo), but I'm okay with that.

Whether admiring famous faces or famous gardens, I'll keep my sanity and embrace what I have - naturally!

Words and photo by Freda Cameron; December 2009


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