Rose Campion Chased by Celebrity Flower Stalkers

Rose Campion poses in front
of tall, dark and purple larkspur.

Why is Rose Campion so alluring? Rose is such a simple garden flower, but she's so enormously popular that readers overwhelm my blog in their search for candid photos and juicy details. Could it be her scandalous reputation has leaked to the media?

Rose Campion is not as virtuous as she seems. She reproduces prolifically throughout the garden. But, the offspring are so identical, adorable, lovable and deserving of support. That said, if she continues at this rate of reproduction, I may have to ask some of you to adopt seeds to raise the young in your gardens.

Rose Campion and her children attempt to blend in
with the garden crowd of cleome and larkspur.
With Rose's silver foliage, slender arms and perfect upright posture—she is indeed quite glamorous. No companion distracts from her eye candy beauty, though she generously makes everyone else in the photos look good, too.

Rose has no pesky enemies, loves the sun, but has a fear of too much water.

My blog is not a tabloid, but I suppose I can give Rose Campion a dedicated keyword to make your search easier. I know you want to see her in person, but all of you celebrity flower stalkers cannot trample my garden in your rush to take her photos, caress her blooms and stroke her luxurious, soft foliage.

Rose Campion takes center stage. 

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