Gardening - Is it Work or Play?

Gardeners love to get out and work in their gardens. But, if it is so much fun, is it really work? Read the gardening blogs about all the chores and there are no complaints! We can work all day in our gardens, come in with aching backs and be happy. What makes gardening so enjoyable and rewarding?

It seems as though gardening is a journey rather than a destination. We strive to grow beautiful gardens, but we really don't want the garden to ever be finished! Even if the garden looks perfect to all visitors, we'll still get out there and start moving plants around. We can't help it. The activity of gardening is irresistible.

We may complain about weeds, weather, pests and poor-performing plants, but we do our best to solve the problems and keep on gardening.

We claim to have enough plants, yet we give in to the urge to "go look" at nurseries and come back with a carload of new plants.

We love to look at each other's gardens for inspiration, too. Show us some garden eye candy and we thrill over each other's successes. That's why we love forums, blogs, magazines, garden tours and even retail plant catalogs. We're always looking for new ideas so we can do more work in our gardens.

The rewards are numerous, but most of all - we beam with happiness over each bloom.

Happy Spring and Good Gardening!

Freda Cameron


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