Hummingbird Play

The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have definitely returned! There are at least two males and one female in our Chapel Hill garden this morning. The hummers are enjoying the lantana, scabiosa, impatiens and begonia today. The three feeders are attracting them, too.

It's great to watch their antics this morning. There is a branch of Lady Banksia Rose that is just below the hanging basket. One male has decided to make that branch his perch this morning!

Hummingbirds are difficult to photo with their constant motion, but I caught a fairly good shot of one of the males by the hanging basket of begonia. I have set up my camera, a Canon SX10 IS, on a tripod inside the house in the garden room. I'm trying different settings with the zoom and ISO to try to get clear shots of a moving target, though a window on a rainy day!


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