A Few Scenes from Paris

We stayed in a perfect, petite studio apartment overlooking the Seine. View from our apartment window - that's the Hôtel de Ville (city hall) across the river:

Parisians take their dogs everywhere. This fellow was dining with owners at a cafe:

Saint-Sulpice was behind scaffolding, so I took a close-up of the lion in the fountain:

There are pedestrian-only streets throughout Paris. We walked through Rue Montorgueil on our way to Sacre Coeur in Montparnasse. We crossed through an indoor shopping area with interesting architecture. The patisserie windows are stocked full of colorful goodies:

The arch at the Louvre lines up with Place de la Concord and the Arche de Triomphe in the distance:

An entrance to the Paris Metro near the flower market:

During our visit to the Luxembourg Gardens, I asked a woman if I could photograph her little dog who she put into her tote bag to carry:

I enjoy taking photos of architecture, such as this bridge close-up. The light shining on the green paint highlighted the details:

A great restaurant in the Marais neighborhood. It has been reviewed in the NY Times and we can add to that recommendation for the best fallafel!

This was a unique approach for earning a little income:

Pont Neuf (a bridge) was our favorite evening spot for photographing sunsets and nightfall:



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